Monday, October 20, 2014

Bits of home

So it's official. The painting is here to stay! We finally had a chance to mount it on the wall, let it hang there for a couple days while we got used to the idea of it and it's a keeper. At some point we were thinking it would be nice to have a bench underneath to really tie the space together! 
Isn't she a beauty? Another thing I love that I feel is overlooked are faux IKEA plants. My friend Aimee got me hooked on them and I probably have 1 in each room. I read somewhere that if you work from home it's important to have something green within eyesight to keep things cheery and I couldn't agree more. 
Just a fun pop of color on a neutral colored shelf. We also have a blank space above our kitchen sink that I filled with 3 of them! And the best part is they are so inexpensive. Only $5 each and then the pots (also from Ikea) range from $2-$5! 
I snapped a couple pics of Paul's mini scotch bar to give it some love. It's fun to me that Paul is into scotch, such a gentleman's drink. The mini bar also makes for a fun decor element in our living room.
Welp, that's all for now! Happy Monday!


  1. Your house is so cute!!! I'm so jealous! And i loveee that wooden tray!

    1. Thank you Kasey!! I believe the tray was from Target. I think it's meant to be a cheese tray but Paul stole it for his scotch bar ;-)

  2. I have the same IKEA white potted plants and looove them! Good idea to add them in the office, I'll have to move one in here :)

  3. Love it so much!! And if my real plants die, I am SOOO getting some fake ikea ones!! xoxo

  4. Everything looks great! I am a big fan of the fake Ikea plants too - easiest plants I've ever had! :)