Monday, September 29, 2014


Top: Nordstrom Rack
This weekend was very low key and relaxing. Friday we drove down to San Diego to grab drinks with friends. If you are from San Diego or even find yourself in SD you must go to The Compass in Carlsbad! Saturday we just hung out at home; I worked a little bit and Paul finished up his DIY project (coming soon). Oh and we ventured into cooking shrimp for the first time! This recipe is the real deal, do it guys. Sunday we went to church and hung out at home some more, did adult things like laundry and mow the lawn. I went a tad bit stir crazy from all the downtime but overall it was a super great weekend in preparation for a month full of weddings in the month of October!

We had some time Sunday so I asked Paul to snap a couple pics of me. And look, they aren't iPhone pics! Haha, yes I finally brought out the big guy for this mini shoot.
Isn't Paul getting good with stills? When he handed the camera back to me I was super impressed. And he says he doesn't know how to use our camera…all lies. 


  1. I've been telling Caleb that soon he and I need to go out when the leaves turn and get some photos of me for an updated profile, etc. you are beautiful! And he IS getting really good! Go him! I'm glad you guys were able to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend before the craziness of October ensues! ;)

  2. WOW!!! Yes, he is great with the photos. Love these. You are gorgeous! Love that top.

  3. Girlfriend, you've got yourself a personal photographer in your hubby - these are great!!