Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Patio love.

Welcome to our little patio! I love this space. Paul and I actually spend a lot of time together out here. We sometimes bring out a drink and a bowl of chips + salsa, talk about our day or maybe business thoughts. It's quite relaxing and although our house is on a busier road we have a large front yard that makes it so we sit father back. Because of this our patio is prime for people watching, a favorite activity that we share together. 
My favorite (and only) indoor plant has been doing very well! Sometimes it lives outside too. I love the way the coral of the pot mixes with the wood of our chairs.
 And of course our patio wouldn't be complete with Paul's succulent collection. When we moved a few graduated to the garden which he planted recently. This is still what's leftover! Just so many succulents. I had an intervention with him once about it, haha.
You can't see in the pictures but we have our lights strung just above so it's really nice to enjoy these cooler fall evenings outside under our market lights. It hasn't been quite cold enough yet but I am just waiting for the night when I can make a batch of hot apple cider and sip it out here. Add moccasins and an oversized scarf? Heaven. At some point…and I know I always say this; we'll get a table to put here so that we can do dinners and stuff with friends but for now I will continue being cheap and not buy one. It's actually really fun just have a spot for two right now!

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  1. Your patio is so cute!
    Can you come over and decorate mine please?? :)