Wednesday, August 20, 2014

4 years later. Our anniversary story.

Sooo what better of a time to blog about your 4 year anniversary then 2 months after it? I'm just real on top of it guys. Blaming wedding season (like I do each year). But anyways is it sad that I already forgot what we did? I honestly just walked in to the kitchen where Paul is currently making dinner to ask if he remembers. Ok, he doesn't remember either. It was obviously super memorable guys…. "I vaugly remember Ikea and ice cream cones" - Me, "Yeah that sounds like something we would do" - Paul. Then I looked back on my phone and found this pic.
Yep…ice cream and ikea it was.
Here we are on 06.18.14, our 4 year anniversary in tank tops, hats (meaning our hair was unwashed), I have no makeup on and we are eating Ikea ice cream. It's kind of perfect to me. I think there was something else but honestly June is all a blur to me each year. We were actually talking to our friends at church last Sunday who just celebrated their 1 year and they said it was super low-key and on the day of their actual anniversary he was traveling for work. Later in the convo we both agreed that it's really just a day. I mean I totally get that anniversaries are a reminder, something meaningful and a date just for the two of you but it's really just a day. I would rather have 100 small celebrations with my husband throughout the year than 1 all out extravaganza to celebrate 1 day. But hey that's just us, nevertheless cheers to 4 years!

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  1. love this. anniversaries shouldn't have to be something spectacular. i hate feeling like we are supposed to plan something big.. i think those days should be doing exactly what you love to do, together.

    ikea and ice cream sounds awesome to me.