Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Me? A cover model?

So a couple months back I got to be a part of something really awesome. Our photog friends Troy and Aimee were approached by an up and coming Christian magazine called Deeply Rooted to shoot the cover for their 2nd issue. It's a pretty amazing quarterly magazine written mainly for Christian women/mothers. It is also beautiful. I don't think I've ever described a magazine as beautiful but this one really is, take a look at their site and see!

Aimee had told me about this opportunity and I was excited for them. I knew they would kill it, their work is amazing. Well, a couple weeks later Aimee called me again and said they were looking for a model for the cover and wanted to know if I would do it. "Well, I'm no model, are you sure?" She encouraged me to do it and we took a trip out to Palm Springs for the day to shoot it. Guys, modeling (and I use that term lightly, still no model here) is no joke! There were so many things to think about.

- Don't let your dress fly up
- Keep your hair from look like a hot mess
- Hold the plant like this
- Make sure your fingers look relaxing while holding the plant
- Tip your chin down
- Hold your hat on
- Rest the watering can like this
- Stay up on your toes slightly (a trick for my shorty legs)

It was a really fun experience, would totally do it again! Here's a behind the scenes photo…

And here's the cover!
Issue 2 was just released a couple days ago. Head on over to their site to order a print or digital copy! 

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  1. That cover is GORGEOUS!!!
    You're totally a model! :)