Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Whole 30 - half way point before/afters

"You're still doing this thing?" That's the response I've been getting a lot of lately from friends and family. They are all shocked that I've been so committed and strict with this challenge, honestly I'm shocked with myself too. I haven't cheated once, well only on things that I didn't know I couldn't have until I double checked the guidelines. Ex: Peanuts and Banana/egg pancakes. But once I knew they were no no's, I nixed them.
The whole 30 encourages you to not step on the scale at all throughout the entire month, technically it's not classified as a weight loss diet but many people who complete it find that they have lost weight. I couldn't help myself so when I hit the half-way mark last Sunday I stepped on the scale. I had lost 4.5lbs! This really kept me motivated and excited to continue the challenge.

The main difference I was noticing in my body was that my thighs had slimmed down (there was a little less inner thigh rub if you know what I mean). With my body type, I tend to slim out in my upper body first/more easily, this time it was the opposite. I snapped a photo in the same workout pants that I took my before pic and saw an immediate difference.
Before: left // After: right
So I have two weeks to go! I'm very anxious to see how I will feel at the end of the month and if this is something I want to integrate into my lifestyle! Have a great week.


  1. half way done! go you. hopefully you'll be able to keep up with the good, healthy changes that come with the whole30 knowledge.

  2. Go you girlfriend!!! That is awesome. I could totally go for a little "less thigh" right about now ;)

  3. Yeah!! This is awesome, you look great:) xoxo Katie

  4. WOW! Good job girl!
    Can you send me some great recipes that you've been making so far? What do you eat for snacks?