Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My trip to Boston!

Back in November I took a trip by myself over to the East coast. My college roommate/maid of honor/best friend Kelsey moved from Portland to Boston 2 years ago for work and I finally got the chance to go visit her when I had a little break in work. Kelsey is always a gracious host and made me feel at home while touring me around the historic city of Boston. I have a deep love for the East coast and Boston didn't disappoint!
Common, you can't get much more charming than this. I dream of living bicoastal at some point in life! I think my love specially for NYC has finally rubbed off onto Paul! 
We shopped in the city, discovered the season of fall in the suburbs, ate "lobstah rolls," and just enjoyed spending time together again. I miss seeing this girl nearly everyday!
I'm looking forward to going back for a second visit in the near future to explore the city again with Paul next time! He really appreciates American history so I feel like this city will be one of his favorites.

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  1. This made me cry. You are the best best best friend and I miss you everyday.