Wednesday, January 29, 2014

commercials that just make my day.

As a filmmaker, I'm bound to critque or dissect most every film I see. It may be a wedding film, feature film, home video, or even a commercial. In all honesty, I usually don't pay too much to commercials because most I feel are story-less and get too caught up in the materialism of their product, but these two commercials below really stood out to me. They are emotional, organic and just real. The soundtrack and use of audio is perfect and their color grading is pretty! You know you've done something right when a credit card and tax commercial speaks to you! Well done Turbo Tax and MasterCard.

Just had to share them with you. Ok, back to my own films. It's been quite the week!


  1. I feel like commercials these days are all trying way. too. hard. to be funny, and they're just not!

  2. Omg, I about cried during the turbo tax one the first time I saw it. In love!!