Friday, April 5, 2013

Balance & Grace in marriage.

Marriage is hard. Really hard. Not always...sometimes it feels like a walk in the park, while other days seem like a battle zone. Both Paul and I are pretty stubborn, probably the #1 reason for any and all arguments. At almost 3 years of marriage, it's safe to say we are past the point of not voicing our opinion if something bothers us. Can't tell you how many times I've been lectured for leaving a wet towel on the floor or when I've gotten on Paul for leaving anything and everything inside his pockets all over the dining room table (both of these things are our pet peeves). Marriage takes a ton of grace, that's the truth. It's been a journey for us to find the healthy balance in confrontation. It's obvious that no confrontation in a marriage isn't healthy, yet too much isn't either. I know there have been times when I've felt, "dang, I really didn't need to get that worked up over that, I probably hurt Paul's feelings in the way I confronted him" and on the contrary there have been times when I thought, "Why didn't I say anything, I should have stood up for myself!" Balance is hard. Grace is hard to give. But I'm still so thankful for the gift of marriage, even if it's not always a piece of cake.
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  1. this is awesome. you speak so many truths and reading it i found myself saying yes i do that exact same thing to my husband but i don't hold myself accountable but i expect him too. we have been married almost three years too and thank goodness for the grace that my husband extends to me just as God extends grace to us all the time

  2. Very well said. I definitely need to keep this in mind when the lovey and I finally take that big step next year. We have been a couple for 8 years now and we are finally taking the next step in January. Since we do not live together yet I have a feeling our first year of marriage will take a lot of adjustments on both our parts and I am sure I will be discovering a few pet peeves of mine that I never knew existed. hehehehehe. I think keeping an open line and telling the lovey if something is bothering you isn't so bad, but we have to keep an open mind about how we deliver it, because when delivered the wrong way it could be pretty hurtful or offensive.

  3. so, so true--marriage is hard, but so wonderful too. I think God gifts us with marriage so we can experience His grace, and to learn patience. Lots of patience.