Monday, April 8, 2013

craiglist. ikea. and the need for something new.

"If I can't have a puppy then can I at least remodel our apartment?" A brief glimpse of a recent quarrel between Paul & I. This sentence actually says a lot. For instance.

#1. I still ask for a puppy everyday.
#2. No, we haven't moved.
#3. I'm so ready for some new scenery 
#4. Puppy dispute: Paul 1, Kelley 0.

So I'm attempting to calm my puppy fever with some new nesting techniques. My hope is that if I could love our place as much as Paul does, maybe moving so that we can get a dog won't seem so sweet. My first priority is our bedroom. We bought all our current bedroom furniture from Ikea, It's dark, matchy-matchy and doesn't really display our style at all anymore. I still love me some Ikea, let's be's cheap and awesome, plus you don't feel super guilty when you want to sell it on craigslist almost 3 years later.

After selling all our current b-room furniture and using that cash, my goal is only to invest $300 in this our new and improved bedroom. Of course I wish our budget was endless and I could make one trip to West Elm, badda-bing, badda-boom, done. Ya right. To stay within budget, my plan is to Ikea hack a lot of pieces and bring some inner Martha out for a little DIY-ing. First things first. Our headboard. Below are our top 2 ideas for what we could do. Would love to hear what your favorite is!
fabric headboard
Plain off-white headboard with fun draping fabric behind.
DIY stained wood headboard
Fabric attached to the wall with liquid starch...peels right off if you move.
No headboard, Ikea fabric wall 

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  1. LOOOOVVVEEEE The last one...the ikea fabric wall! so cool. But I also love the DIY stained headboard!! Very rustic!!!