Saturday, March 9, 2013

New York-ing it in 3 weeks.

Sometimes I feel like Paul & I overlook what a fun time of life we are in. Actually we don't "feel like" we do, we know we do. Our parents have told us numerous times when we start to talk about how much we want a puppy or to own a home (no baby talk yet), to just take it easy and enjoy life with limited responsibility. "Ya, ya..." we always said to ourselves, but now we are beginning to see the wisdom in their advice. Especially tonight. We already knew the dates of our NYC trip but never could get around to booking our flights and choosing the right hotel. With the dates just 3 weeks away we finally sat down tonight and booked them. No pet sitter or house sitter to worry about. We just went for it and never had to think twice. Parents, you were totally right, as you usually are.. (waving our white flag). Although we don't have everything that our hearts are hoping for right now, we are in a really great season of life together. It feels good to finally be thankful for that.


  1. I most def went and bought that dress. haha

  2. Beautiful picture of the 2 of you. Love this color on you.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest 2 posts 'Channeling Audrey' and 'Nautical with Orange Accents'. Hope you like it.

    Have a great Wednesday,

  3. Parents are so right all the time! I wish I had my parents' wisdom.

    SO jealous that you guys are going to NYC!! Can't wait to see all the fun picture you post on IG.