Monday, March 11, 2013

5 days and 7lbs later...a recap of our juice fast.

First Super worth it but HARD. If you missed why we decided to do something crazy like this, read about it HERE. Paul's original goal was 10 days, 10 days of nothing but juiced fruit, veggies, and water (Oh and a handful of plain almonds...because we spoil ourselves). I knew that 10 days was not going to happen so we cut it down to 7....then after 3 days our goal went down to 5. Not only did we cut our original goal in half because of the difficulty, it was breaking the bank!
image via Pinterest
The first 3 days were killer...which we were warned about, both the documentary and our friends who have braved a juice fast or two told us. We didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. Our bodies were tired and detoxing. The light at the end of the tunnel was our friends telling us how much better we would feel on day 4 or 5. "You will have so much more energy and feel great..." they all said. So we 4, nothing, even day 5, that point we just felt defeated. I think if we had felt as amazing as we thought we would the juice fast would continue but dang it we just wanted a cheeseburger! Jk, we actually tapered ourselves off at that point juicing for breakfast/lunch and having a light dinner like soup or salad. I did loose 7lbs, which was a huge bonus! Yes, I've been told most of that was water weight. But I've been more diligent about keeping most of it off and I'm feeling awesome so far, we've actually decided to introduce juicing into our regular routines! Now just need to find a juicer of our own, any great ones out there? We would love some suggestions. This week we are housesitting and our friends are letting us try out their Vitamix. It's amazing but so expensive..I don't know if I can let myself buy it. Side's daylight savings time!! Summer is feeling so close now :) I love that I can go for a run at 6 or 7 and the sun is still out. Love it!


  1. So my parents have a Vitamix and for my birthday they got me the much more economical version...the Ninja ($100 at Target). I love it! It has a blender and individual sized smoothie glasses like the bullet. It doesn't blend as well as the Vitamix but it gets the job done.

  2. Very inspiring! Cheers to you guys for doing this!!

  3. i did a 5 day juice fast last summer too and it was killer!
    it was actually more of a "clear" juice diet so it was water, jello, apple juice, chicken broth, etc.
    i lost 8 lbs and felt super great tho, so i congratulate you guys on doing this diet together, takes a whole lotta discipline to keep going when you dont see results!