Thursday, January 31, 2013

add some sparkle to your day.

So we've been back in the real world for 2 week now & I've been doing a whole lot of the above. Shopping & baking. I don't know about you but I sometimes get these sudden urges to bake 6 different things of my Pinterest board. Allinthesameday. You'd think my husband would be all for it, but I know he dreads it as a push my creations in front of him as my official taste tester. Sorry Paul, I'm no Martha. Few make it for a second try but these two surprisingly did.. Paula Deen's PB cookies & traditional key lime pie. Head over to my Pinterest board to grab the recipes! 

Now..If you have a Target nearby, jump in the car and get your booty their now. A few nights ago I was aimlessly walking by the shoe section and came across these 2 gems, each 70% off! I had been eyeing those gold flats for a few weeks, with the sale I snagged them for $6 & $10! Hello new favorite shoes. 


  1. so incredibly smitten with your shoes... wanna share closets? ;)

  2. STILL loving those hot pink pumps.
    Too bad I would TOWER over my husband if I wore those puppies.
    But a girl can dream..