Thursday, December 6, 2012

when your husband is more Martha than you + great printables!

I craft from time to time..Believe me I'm no Martha, but like to pretend I am. This week I wanted to do some Christmas crafts..bake sugar cookies, hang a printable banner, take a couple trips to Michaels for craft know the whole sha-bang. Yesterday I made time to work on creating some DIY ornaments. I planned to keep it elementary with my clear glass ornaments and gold Martha Stewart acrylic paint. Polka dots were basically my only plan. While "dotting" I nonchalantly asked Paul if he wanted to help. To my surprise he came over curiously and grabbing an ornament. Out.of.nowhere the kid totally starts showing me up, demonstrating much more skill & precision than me! Busting out chevron print, arrow patterns (the guy knows me) & a mimic of our logo. Part of me my pride was slightly crushed while the other part of me was serious impressed. I've discovered a new side of my husband. 3 years of marriage and I knew he was handy..but not crafty, Martha would be so impressed.
 On a separate do you and your spouse do Christmas gifts. This will be me and Paul's third Christmas together and we havn't mastered this element of life together yet. Do you share what you want with them? Create a list? Not exchange gifts at all? Buy a joint gift together? I know there are so many ways to go about it but I'd love to hear what your traditions are. So far this is my approach for the year..
Text to Paul: "I love this! TJ-Maxx, size small" Am I subtle or what?

Oh also be sure to check out these wonderful free printables from the talented Kelli Murray (gift tags) & Kalleen from At Second Street (christmas banner) Thank you ladies for your artistic greatness so we can pretend to be crafty too! ;-)


  1. That is so funny- I think it's awesome, now you have extra help with crafty things! The hubby and I have always written a wish list & we shop for each other- I also pick up joint gifts sometimes and put from Santa on them, I know silly right?

  2. love, love, love your ornaments!! my husband is much more of a perfectionist than I am so he always kicks my butt in crafting projects. I tweak it until it looks okay, but he spends time on making sure it's right the first time. not fair...

    last year J and I didn't exchange gifts..lame. We were newlyweds and students so it just seemed like the responsible thing to do. This year (still students) I think we will try to surprise each other with something small. I like your method though :)

  3. ahhh haha! love the hint-hint text you sent, so funny! forrest and i don't bother with gifts basically because i hate shopping most of the time. usually we'll go to dinner, have a night out and call it a present to each other (even though he ends up paying for it all, ha!)

  4. My husband is the same way! I told him that I wanted to make a wreath to hang on our door (mine at the time since we were engaged) and he totally made me one! It was so thoughtful and sweet.

    My husband and I give each other a few suggestions. I personally have a "list" in my iPhone of things that he's said he's wanted throughout the year, so when his birthday or Christmas rolls around, I know a few other things to get him.