Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas weekend!

Dude. (I say that a lot lately) weekends off? I could so get used to you. Especially if you include Christmas tree purchasing, decorating & lighting. And for Paul? Pour him a glass of eggnog and he is totally game for just about anything.
We turned from tradition this year and got our tree at Costco for Christmas 2012. and oooohMgee Costco, you don't mess around at all..not even when it comes to your trees. But I love you for that because our tree is amaze balls. And come on now, where else can you impulsively buy 28 frozen corn dogs and a Christmas tree all in one store. Heaven I tell you! 
We drank eggnog and for a better choice of word "nogged" & listened to She & Him's Christmas album while decorating our tree. Our house now smells like "making love to a lumberjack" ..See what I did there? 


  1. That is a pretty tree- sounds like the perfect night with eggnog, tree decorating and Christmas music! Love the photo of you- so pretty :D


  2. Looks like a wonderful time! I love eggnog, but my husband can't stand it. more for me, I say!!

    1. Well... when I say "we" I'm more referring to Paul, I'm like your husband, not a big nogger myself ;-)

  3. Hahah do you watch Modern Family?
    Your frozen corn dogs and christmas tree comment reminded me of an episode from the first season.

    We still have yet to get our Christmas tree. Hoping that changes tomorrow!! *fingers crossed*