Monday, December 31, 2012

A rainy day wedding.

Last Saturday we packed our bags, loaded up our explorer and headed to work. It was a winery wedding, the last official one of 2012. We kinda lumped this one in with 2013 since it was so close to the new year! It was going to be an evening ceremony, in Temecula, in december, with 40% chance of rain. I made sure my attire was prepared for all of it.
It was cold and rainy most of the evening but such a fun way to end 2012. Those weddings are ones that we will remember forever. Soaking wet throughout the ceremony, ducking under strangers large umbrellas, and sipping on warm hot chocolate & coffee thru the night to keep warm. Overall 2012 wasn't a huge year of changes and accomplishments but it was still a year of success and great memories. Looking into next year I'm praying for 2 things.

1. To become a home owner 
2. A puppy to love

Happy New Year everybody!


  1. Happy New Year Kelley! I hope to be a homeowner as well by the end of 2013! Wishing you both a beautiful NYE!

  2. We're thinking about getting a puppy as well! But, how do you choose?!?!