Thursday, December 27, 2012

5 Christmas' later...

Yes, 5 Christmas', pretty wild, but we made it home after a full week of holiday festivities with our families in San Diego! It was exhausting but tons of fun. I don't think I've ever slept better after getting home last night. It can be hard having to split time with families over the holidays, especially for Paul who only grew up with one. For my brother and I, it has always felt normal to attend at least 3 Christmas' (moms, dad & grandparents). With marriage comes all of those new adventures, learning the others family traditions & making some of your own too. Paul's family have tons of Christmas traditions, at first they were a little overwhelming for me because my family has always been a little on the spontaneous side each holiday season. But I've grown to love all of these Gilster traditions::

1. A day in Julian
2. Christmas cookie decorating (we don't mess around)
3. Christmas eve service + soup & broccoli night
4. Eating at the amazing Old Town Mexican Cafe
5. And last but not least, a night of singing & gift exchanging

And oh my have to watch this clip I captured of Paul Christmas evening. He is normally a super shy guy and would totally die if he knew I shared this video of him but this is really the Paul I know and fell in love with. He makes me laugh so much.


  1. you are right you don't mess around with decorating christmas cookies!! those are legit, practically professional christmas cookies! hope you had a great christmas

  2. Okay, how am I just now stumbling across your site! Loving your pictures, girl!
    xo TJ