Sunday, October 21, 2012

last week according to instagram.

Paul likes to call me his "day planner" The one that sets up all our hang outs with friends, random outings, work schedule, basically I'm the wife/personal planner. We actually have breakfasts where we sit down and go over our social/work calendar for the week. It's been really busy lately! Last week we had the chance to go to 31 Bits fall/winter launch & new warehouse party. We always see a ton of friends from college there, plus all the bits girls who I've gotten to know when I interned for them in college. You have to check out their jewelry. It's seriously amaze-balls. all have to get these booties from Target. So comfortable that I was
able to wear them a full 10 hours at Saturday's wedding! Can't handle myself when
husband wears a bow tie..oh don't you mind my thumb there.

Saturday's wedding was probably top 3 material. That ceremony site was insane! I secretly 
have a thing for flower-free weddings. These flowers on the head table & the bouquets were
 the only flowers there. Hand crafted ombre cranes, doily table runners, and candles did it all!

...and look! Our coffee DIY coffee table is somewhat coming together!


  1. Chevron buddies :)

    Sometimes I wonder what my hubs would do without me scheduling things for us. Ha ha. :) Those booties are too cute! And that wedding looks gorgeous!

  2. Great pictures! I like your outfit!! The jacket is awesome and so perfect for fall:) Such a great idea with the table!! Thumbs up!

    Hope you visit me on my blog