Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Film!!

A new Friday film (better late than never). This one is super sweet, one of our all time favorites. I'm a total sucker for amazing father/daughter relationships and this father's toast just melt my heart. As your weekend begins, it's a work night for Paul & I. We are currently prepping for our Malibu wedding tomorrow. To start off your weekend enjoy this film, maybe grab a tissue :)

Tobie & Nick in a nutshell are an ideal couple. Cute, fun, trusting, loving! There are so many more words we could use to describe them but those were the top 4 that came to mind. Meeting with them over coffee for the first time felt so natural and comfortable. We loved them immediately. Our favorite moment of the day was the father/daughter first look. We've only had a couple brides opt for one, but every time they have been so incredibly sweet. This one in particular was so special. I (kelley) had a hard time knowing if my shot was in focus because my eyes were full of tears!

1 comment:

  1. Franciscan Gardens!! That place is SO beautiful! We almost got married there!

    Loved this video!