Monday, August 27, 2012

weekend trip & grad school.

This weekend was our very first destination wedding for work (this year). I'll use the term "destination" lightly, as it really just consisted of a 75 minute plane ride up north near San Fran. But's a couple pics from our trip.

rehearsal dinner do I need a tan
off to work.
All our flights were on time, our bags arrive to and from, and our hotel had an awesome bath. A must for a after wedding bath ritual. High-maintenance? naahh...after 10 hours of shooting, my feet love me for it. We flew home Monday and Paul didn't skip a beat, off he went for his first day of grad school. I on the other hand, took a nap. But seriously, my husband has major determination. I meant to grab a picture of him on his first day, but as I mentioned before, I was napping. Wife fail. I'm so excited for Paul as he begins this new 18 month journey. I do feel a little sad that he's back in school, but I know this is something he really wants to do for himself. Cheers to Paul!

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