Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Perfect timing.

I'm a firm believer in the belief of God's perfect timing. That any situation but good or bad, joyous or heartbreaking, unexpected or not.. is part of God's ultimate plan. And sometimes His timing can be overwhelmingly wonderful resulting in an abundance of praise and joy. While other times it can lead to confusion or even anger and the question of, "God, why is this happening?." Over the past decade of my life, I've been blessed with those "overwhelmingly wonderful" timing moments and I've learned to see the blessings in the, "God, why is this happening" moments as well.

This year we are entering our 2nd full year as business owners. We wouldn't call ourselves parents, but our business is considered our baby. We've watched it grow, watched it succeed, watched it fail, and have worked our hardest to make the best decisions we can for it. Obviously parents, right? We've already learned that each year is going to be different, just this year we have had different experiences, clients, and opportunities. All of which I know have been a result of God's timing. To help us grow in our experiences, learn from our mistakes, and to understand what brings it success. A blessing that I am daily thankful for. -Kelley

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  1. I agree! Everything in God's timing! You guys are awesome and I want to someday do what you both do. =)