Monday, April 30, 2012

fun finds!

I'll be honest, I used to be a label snob. Especially when it came to jeans... 7 jeans, joes, citizens, you name it, only designer jeans were good enough. Then real life happened, including bills and responsibility and I grew up and out of that phase real quick.  Which soon opened my eyes to the wonderful world of stores like TJ-Maxx, Target, and Payless. I'll admit, Urban Outfitters is in my top three but I've refused to ever pay full price for their clothing (their sale racks are too good). Below are two pairs of shoes/sandles that I found at Payless recently. Overall I paid $45 for the two, they're pretty great.

Womens American EagleWomen's Dolly Patent Moc

Womens BrashWomen's Queen T-Strap Sandal

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