Saturday, May 19, 2012

curling iron < hot rollers

In high school I tried using hot rollers, granted this was on the rare occasion that I did my hair for school. The bun was my best friend back them (and now). But as much as I wanted them to work out, rollers never did the trick for me. They turned out frizzy with kinks. It was a hot mess. So I embraced the iron, then tried curling with a straightener, both worked out but I never got the curl I wanted. Until I found this gem of a tutorial!! After all these years I had been setting my hair in rollers all wrong!

This tutorial shows just the right way to set your hair in rollers for perfect curls. I also ended up throwing away my old rollers and buying velvet lined ones (like in the video). So much better for your hair and curl great too! Here was the final product...

Rollers, you my new best friend.

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