Monday, April 9, 2012

A work free weekend.

Work free weekends are almost as great as belgium waffles with crunchy peanut butter and endless syrup on top, for dinner. Almost. But nonetheless, they are just as sweet. We spent the weekend in San Diego visiting with families, lounging my the pool, and yes, hunting for our easter egg baskets that Paul's mom faithfully hides for us every year. Nothing like being 22 and vigorously hunting for your Easter basket like your life depended on it. The weekend continued with 2 Easter feasts and endless, "when are you having baby?" questions. Which is nothing new..

church bound on Easter Sunday. He is Risen!! 
Work free weekends, let's be friends...

For your viewing pleasure, a peak at last weekends nuptials :) Grace & Aaron, let's also be friends.

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