Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chicken. It's whats for dinner.

It has to be a dozen times now that Pinterest has saved by butt when I'm at a loss of what to make for dinner. You know, when we are sick of being lazy and over frozen pizza, mac & cheese, or soup. Our first year of marriage it was homemade dinner every night, all the time. Then...year 2 came around and well..dinner has turned into fend for yourself most nights ;-)

I recently came across this awesome Parmesan crusted chicken recipe on Pinterest! It's super quick, easy, and delicious. A must try in my opinion!

Find the recipe HERE

I've made it twice now and found that once you thaw out your chicken, place it on a paper towel for a few minutes while it soaks up some of the extra water. The Parmesan Crust turns out more crispy! Enjoy!

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