Monday, December 19, 2011

Operation wedding vid. Day 1.

When Paul and I got married, we were your typical bride and groom. We weren't in the wedding industry, attended a few friends weddings here and there, and planned our wedding in a year and 2 weeks (fathers orders). Being youngsters, college students and daddy's only girl he was terrified for us. So we obeyed his wishes and waited a full year.

We also decided a few weeks before our wedding to hire a cinematographer. Six weeks before the big day it dawned on me, "I'm a film major and we aren't having our wedding filmed..hmm." 2 friends, 2 cameras, and 4 lenses later we had a wedding video. My current inner professional cinematographer is still angry at me about this. It was a huge blessing in discise, because this process is what brought us 618studios. We were given the raw footage for me to edit and a year and a half later all we have is this.

With a month to go until we begin our 2012 season my goal for the next few days is to finish a full-length edit of our own day.

Day 1 "to-do"

Choose music
Transcode footage
Organize footage

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