Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"off season"

Sorry for not being as "on top" of updating in blogland! I am thoroughly enjoying this vacation known as the "off-season" and we still have 7 more weeks of it [insert high-five and high kick here]. God knows how much I needed this!

My weeks have changed so much. Each Monday and Tuesday I try to convince Paul as best I can to stay home and hang out with me, call me needy but being home alone for 12 hours is not fun :-( besides, my success rate is less than 10% I think he has given in maybe once and immediately regretted it when I started the day watch Real Housewives of Orange County. He'll thank me one day. Wednesday - Friday is full of me begging him to let me make plans with our friends even though he is 2 weeks away from finals week and slammed with projects. He'll thank me one day for that too..and finally comes Saturday and Sunday which are totally free game. He loves me.

Oh. I do work in between too. 

Hope you have a fantastic week!

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