Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Difference

Recently one of our photographer friends posted this on his Facebook.

The difference between okay and amazing ceremony photos may be starting 30mins before/later. The difference between crazy and organized family photos may be the guests putting down the camera for a few mins. The difference between a few and a ton (not to mention beautiful) photos of you and your spouse may be giving your undivided attention for just a few mins. The difference between messy/chaotic and creative getting ready shots may be you making sure the hotel room is clean and your makeup artist putting you in the right place. The difference between no/bad and gorgeous detail shots may be you setting aside time for your photographer to take those photos. The difference between serious/boring/unemotional and happy/interesting/emotional candid shots may be you and all your loved ones smiling/laughing/crying all day and night long. The difference between terrible and awesome first dance/parent dances/toast shots may be you dancing a bit closer with your partner (and smiling) and not eating/having waiters pass by/a giant bouquet of flower blocking your face during the speeches. The difference between a stressful/disorganized wedding and a stress-free one may be spending just a bit more and hiring a coordinator. As you can see, it doesn't take a lot to get amazing photos, it's just doing the little they all add up :).

This couldn't be more true and although this was written by a photographer, many of these statements are very true for cinematographers as well. We don't mean to be "high maintenance" or "controlling" of where you get ready or how the day flows. Our #1 priority is to create the most creative/beautiful film of your day as possible. If we could give advice to any of our couples out there or just any soon-to-be wed couples it would be to trust your vendors 100%, remember that they want the best for you!!

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