Tuesday, November 1, 2011

home depot and chinese food.

Today I begged  asked Paul to stay home with me. Forget class, chilling with your wife is way more cool. We spent the day grocery shopping, going to Pier 1, and Home Depot (I'm sure he was so glad he stayed home with me). Home Depot was his idea. And for the record, when we say we go to Home Depot that means we went to the nursery to buy succulents. We're pretty hardcore.

If you havn't heard, Paul love his garden.

It's weird to think this is our new place. It doesn't quite feel like home yet. I don't know exactly where things are in the kitchen or which light switches turn on which lights...there aren't enough memories here yet. Not like our old place. We went back to visit today and it feels so empty, almost like we never lived there. I went to check the mail and came back to find Paul sitting in the empty living room. Even though he'll never admit it, I know he was feeling a little sad. I was too. 

During our first night here after spending hours moving during the day and hours unpacking that night we took a break around midnight. We had nothing in the fridge except leftover chinese food from the night before. We grabbed a couple plates out of a box and sat on the floor eating our chinese food together. 

It wasn't fancy, it wasn't ideal..let's be honest, we were eating chinese food on dirty plates on the floor, but I soon realized that it was our very first memory here. And I love that.

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