Saturday, October 15, 2011

little garden of love.

Our weekend project! And when I say weekend, for us that is usually Wednesday and Thursday as opposed to the normal Saturday and Sunday.

...Recently my husband is really into gardening, it's the most entertaining, sweetest thing ever. He loves his little garden. A few months ago we decided that after a year of living at our place it was time to decorate the patio a little so we purchased 4 little baby succulents (the only plant we knew we could maintain). Well, they grew a lot!

little garden, you rock. 

This weekend we are traveling up to Moorpark area to shoot at this awesome venue called Walnut looks real cool. Google it. Who knows..maybe we will have a little highlight up next week ;-)


  1. Thats so adorable that he did that! My husband wouldn't know the first thing about gardening. Neither do I for that matter:)

  2. Christina, he is totally obsessed! His little garden has turned into his haven, haha!