Thursday, October 6, 2011

home renovations

Not going to lie. This blog may or may not be turning into a series of "before/after" photos and apartment renovation stories in the next 6 weeks. Paul and I are beyond stoked for this move! First things first, new couch. For the past 15 months we have been getting by with this love seat (yes it only seats 2 people) as our couch. Pathetic. But really, if you saw our living room space we honestly couldn't fit anything bigger.

So little old love seat is moving to new little office. So in the weeks to come, a little trip to Ikea is in store aannddd this big boy is taking over!! 

movie nights on the "L" couch, yeeaa! Who's bringing the popcorn?!

which color? that's the question. It's a split vote. I vote gray, Paul votes Beige. 


  1. GREY!!! We almost bought that exact same couch from Ikea, but instead were able to buy some used West Elm ones from a friend. But I LOVE the grey!!! ;-) I still want them!!