Saturday, October 29, 2011

all packed up!

Well..the big move is today! We'd appreciate prayers for no chipped or broken furniture and for the whole process in general, it's all new to us! Prayer requests for no broken furniture may sound really silly but I'm totally serious. 90% of our apartment is Ikea furnished, and well..Ikea isn't known for the most sturdy products. Plus, replacing a damaged bed frame or bookshelf isn't in the budget for this month, or next month ;-).

I'd like to thank this guy for being my life saver during this move. He might allow us to receive some of our deposit back despite the amount of nails we pulled out of our walls.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Saturday! Think of me when you are out and about and I'm hauling a refrigerator up 3 flights of stairs.


  1. Consider yourself thought of :)

  2. Thanks Sandra! The move went smoothly :) My legs disagree..