Sunday, July 17, 2011

Road trippin' it

This morning at 2:00am we finally made it home from our quick trip to SLO (i just feel cool saying that). we heaved, or more like hobbled in with all our equipment and luggage into our apartment and passed out around 3:00am. It was a brutal trip, driving up Friday afternoon and arriving early Sunday morning, but we still enjoyed every second of will+lisa's big day!

We also worked with another husband + wife team..photographers :) They were so kind and always looking out for us! It was such a pleasure to team up with Jen Rodriguez Photography..we hope to work with them again soon.

There's not much to be said about these next couple images, but one thing is for sure. Photo booths rock!

These were also taken by Jen Rodriguez. :)

Many of you probably saw through the Facebook grapevine that I had to opportunity to visit my horse Elf while we were in SLO. and Yes, I did cry. But only for a couple seconds when we drove up and Paul pointed him out to me in his stall. He is such a great horse. I was definitely blessed to spend 3 years with this guy..

Unfortunately, I caught a pretty nasty cold on the way up and spent Friday day/night hopped up on dayquil/nyquil. No fun. I was worried going into the day on Saturday wondering how being sick would effect my thinking, planning shots, and filming in general but I made it through 10 hours later!! On the ride home Paul was sweet enough to pull over and grab me some earl grey tea...meaning I basically begged him to stop lol. He was committed to getting home as fast as possible. Then, 2 hours later I had to beg him again to pull over to I could relieve myself of my bursting bladder from too much tea. Lots more to share later on!

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