Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jumping for Joy!

So, good news! We survived our double header was pretty rough, but we made it through and I'm happy to say we don't have another one till Sept. :-) I wish I could share a few little images from Friday's wedding but we forgot to take some..but here are some from Saturday's wedding.

The owners of The Condors Nest Ranch are absolutely brilliant..this venue has everything a shabby-chic/country bride could ever want!

You may have seen it but here is their trailer! Eek it's a favorite.

This weekend we will be road tripping on to another wedding in San Luis Obispo. But we are also doing something super special!!  Two years ago last month, I sadly had to sell my horse Elf. It was time, I was in college, Paul and I were engaged and would be getting married in the next year and lessons and board didn't exactly fit in the budget. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. :( The worst part about it was knowing that in the past I had sold horses and started horse hunting for the next right away..this time I wouldn't be getting another one..

 Elf taught me a lot in the 3 years I owned him.. (yes I'm going crazy equestrian on you right now) He was a difficult horse and made me cry in frustration at least once a week, but also made me cry with happiness. As I had been riding, owning, and showing horses for 15 years of my life it has been difficult to say the least that one day it just stopped.

Well a couple days ago I got a facebook message from his new owner saying that she knew we were going to be in SLO this weekend (she's a big 618 fan) ;-) and would like to know if I wanted to come visit/ride elf while I was in town. We were just about to leave from Paul's parents house on Sunday when I said to Paul, "We gotta go get my boots and saddle, I'm going to ride Elf!!!" Paul looked at me like I was crazy, "we're doing what?" "Ya, we're going Friday, I'm going to see Elf!" We got to my house, I ran down to the barn to grab my un-used saddle of two years from my dusty tack trunk, ran to my room grabbed some old breeches and my tall boots and placed them contently in the car while smelling the wonderful smell of old leather and reminicing on old memories (ok, i know I'm getting WAY sentimental about this, but I can't help it). I'm just thrilled to get back in the saddle, even if it's only for an hour!

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