Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Ride

It's been almost 5 years since I got my first car, a 2001 Ford Explorer. Dreamy right? No really, I loved this car and still do. It has lots of good memories as it got me through 2 of my high school years and nearly all 4 of my undergrad years. It's been all around a really functional car. I wish I could say it was dependable these past 5 years this car has been an absolute nightmare repair wise. We've had to get new brakes, reconfigure the locking mechanism, repair numerous leaks, and fully replace the engine last year resulting in give or take 6,000 in repairs. For a FORD EXPLORER! gash. Needless to say when my power steering and brakes began to act up a couple months ago I was not excited. After putting it off for as long as we could Paul and I took it in to a brake place today (thinking we would just need to get the brake pads replaced) A couple hours later we get a call that it's going to be about $750 worth of repairs (just to get the brake problem fixed!). So I had a little fit, "I'm so over this car, when do we just say enough is enough it's not worth it anymore?" Keep in mind we also had the power steering problem to deal with..So after lots of thought and weighing numerous options we decided that we are going to sell the explorer for dirt cheap and put it towards, wait for it...a new car!! (In my best "the price is right" interpretation) We've narrowed it down to these two!

A Honda Pilot

I'm not gonna lie, having the ability to fit 8 people in your car kind of makes me feel like a mom.

My first interpretation "It's too fancy Paul, I don't think I like it" Then he reminded me of what I have been driving. He's kind of right.

Option #2
A Toyota Highlander

My choice.

It too fits about 7 people..I'm wonder how the heck 7 people would fit in there?!

So..We still havn't made any big decisions yet..I'll let you all know when we do :)

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