Thursday, March 31, 2011


This weekend we will be celebrating Paul's 23rd birthday! He is an April fools baby meaning I've never gotten to play an April fool's joke on him..Although we aren't throwing a party this year both mine and Paul's family are coming up from San Diego to spend the day, go to lunch, and celebrate Paul turning 23! Apparently my mom and mother-in-law have come up with a joint gift, I'm not supposed to know what it is because it's a surprise for me too, how fun is that?! A gift when it's not even your birthday, I'll take it :) Pics to come!

Happy Birthday Paul!! I'm so excited to share and celebrate your 23rd birthday with you as your wife...I promise to bake the funfetti cookies you requested! 

p.s. when you can, try and grow a mustache, it suits you. :)

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