Tuesday, March 8, 2011

here + there.

Caution: This post of full of all sorts of random information.

#1. Blog change. -  I (kelley), have decided to switch up the name of this blog. Originally it was {kg's} blog. Yet, seeing how Paul makes an appearance on it often, I decided to re-name it team Gilster. fitting. teamgilster.blogspot.com

#2. Transitioning into my new job. - So I knew it was going to be a change of pace transitioning from watching one 7 year old boy over the past year to 4 kids (two 5 year old girls, one 3 year old girl, and one 1 year old boy). Today was my second day. It kind of reminded me of my childhood, being the oldest of 6, I kind of felt like I was a babysitter 24/7 back then, I could change a diaper at the age of 11 in 3.5 seconds, not really but you get the idea..Anyways so after babysitting for 9 hours today, that's right 8am - 5pm baby, working' hard for the money. I.was.exhausted. Pretty much I'm ditching my 3 hours class tonight with no guilt. and spending my time here...

I.love.my.baths. (I take one every night). don't be judging.

#3. Graduation t-2 months - Yesterday, I realized that it was March 7th, which immediately brought my attention to the fact that 2 months from today I will be a college graduate! Praise the Lord, or for those of you into abbreviations, PTL. I am looking forward to a somewhat normal life, where my days only consist of a regular job (if you call being a self-employed cinematographer/editor a regular job). As of now they consist of, full-time student, internship, nannying, and 618...I'm wearin' thin. (sigh).

#4. Faye + Ben - this past weekend we shot faye and ben's love story...we decided to shoot it at the Oak Canyon Nature Center and it came out great! Paul and I couldn't have been more thrilled :) Faye and Ben have all the necessities in their relationship: friendship, humor, and faith. We are super stoked for their wedding in September. Watch their love story HERE!

#5. No Facebook - The no Facebook life has been great, I'm beginning to see that Paul has been quite the facebooker lately to make up for my current cleanse... ;) I give him a hard time about it.

Thanks for stopping by! We appreciate it.

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