Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Awkwardness just runs in my family, i'm not sure how, i'm not sure why, but it does. It's unfortunate. I definitely inherited it from my mom...she does the most awkward things and we laugh about it because what are you gonna do when you're born awkward? So we have learned to embrace it. My mom loves to use the line, "I embrace my awkwardness" and I'm very much the same way.  So when the girls over at 31 bits (where I spend some of my time interning as a video editor) asked for me to make an intern video to get others excited to apply as a summer intern, I had made up my mind that I was going to stay right where God created me to be..behind the camera. That was until halfway through the interviews when they said I needed to be apart of it too (crap). Anyways, long story short..I went against my will and participated in front of the camera for a change..and my awkwardness didn't fail me.

For better video quality make sure the HD button is checked "on"
Hope you all are having a fantastic week :)


  1. I love how awkward you are! haha one of my favorite Keller qualities.

  2. i spy... a wonderfully executed braid?!? yes!

    you look gorgeous! minimal awkwardness. i dig it.