Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let's get this party started.

Paul and I are both dreaming of wedding season is fun don't get us wrong, we <3 client meetings, getting to know future couples, hearing their story. But nothing beats an awesome wedding. The entire family from both sides getting together for one joyous event is nothing short of amazing...and yet wedding season doesn't start for us for another 3 months!! gah. luckily we have 2 March weddings (relief) I thought I might actually have enough time to edit our own wedding video *gasp* lol that is never going to happen..It will continue to sit on a hard drive for a raining day. Here's a little look into 618studios' first summer :)

May 14th - Orange County
May 21st - Orange County
June 26th - Orange County

I call this next 7 (maybe 8) week span "the blur..."
July 2nd - Los Angeles
July 8th - Orange County
July 9th - San Diego
July 16th - San Luis Obispo
July 23rd - Huntington Beach
July 30th - San Diego
August 6th - Berkeley
August 13th - San Diego
August 20th - maybe CHICAGO (fingers crossed)

A week break to regain our sanity.. and 6 more in Sept. I could either completely love my job or hate it by the end of September :)

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