Sunday, February 20, 2011

If you liked it then you shoulda...

I'm growing to have a deeper appreciation for rings..I've never been big ring girl. Remember those girls in high school that would wear like 6 different rings on their fingers? Ya. that wasn't me. I like to keep it simple, wedding bands on the left, Paul's promise ring he gave to me on the right. boom. However, I am slowly falling in love with these gorgeous ring designs by Rust wedding rings ...all their rings are handmade in London, how cool is that?! Here are some designs i'm currently lovin'

It's a husband + wife team who designs these handmade beauties, they also share bits and pieces of their own wedding on their blog..its amazing.
First, this tent with the flag banners rocks my world.

Second, I must know the font used for this program.

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