Monday, February 21, 2011

Chicago in August :)

Upon starting 618studios, both mine and Paul's ultimate goal was to get the opportunity to travel all over the world to shoot weddings. We often admired other wedding cinema teams who posted wedding trailers from amazing locations like Italy, Hawaii, St. Lucia..the list goes on. Hoping that someday we would also get the opportunity to become international wedding cinematographers as well. I know. International wedding cinematographers...really? Trust me, I never realized how HUGE the wedding industry was until I got into it, they exist. I promise.

Well just a couple months after shooting our first wedding back in August and with only 3 weddings on our portfolio we received an inquiry to shoot a wedding in Berkeley, Ca.  Hey it wasn't Hawaii, but we were ecstatic!! I still remember the email clearly, "we love your work, and hope you are willing to travel to northern california." Willing?! Yes please. We booked that wedding :) a couple months after that we received another inquiry to shoot a wedding in Colorado...check. And just recently we received another inquiry to shoot in Chicago, Il. My stomach sank with excitement when I read their could this all be happening so fast? Three big words, "Thank you Lord!"

August 19th-21st we will be traveling to the windy city to shoot Jenny+Donny's wedding at the beautiful Loyola University...I googled the location and came across some blogged photos, I already can't wait. For more of this wedding click HERE.

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