Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hello faithful followers :)

Hope you are all having a fantastic week so far! This weekend I spent the majority of my time creating a save the date video...ya that's right video! for a client of ours who are ridiculously awesome!! I love it when couples trust us and give us the freedom to do whatever we want. That is seriously when I feel like we do our best work..therefore, this is what we came up with for the save the date video...The bride to be had given me a couple suggestions on what needed to be included but at that after that it was all in my hands...muahahaha!!!!!! For some reason the line "I've got the power" from that song plays over in my head when I think of this. Anyways here it is, if you are a frequent facebooker like I am you probably have seen it but watch it again because it's that awesome. :) Blessings guy!

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  1. Love this so much! I am so blessed to have such talented friends!! Looking forward to you doing my S.T.D!