Wednesday, November 17, 2010

eye candy!!

Last night I came upon this AMAZING site that sells thee coolest camera items!! Although Paul and I are not photographers by any means, we do use DLSR cameras to film all our projects, may that be a wedding, business promo, love story, the date video :) Therefore, I am entitled to oogle over these fun toys...check out my Christmas list!
This bag is freaking rad! I want, I want...

I don't normally use a strap on my camera...but this one is just so cool it makes me want to! me a nerd, but what I reallly reallly want is this computer keyboard skin that has all the Final Cut Pro shortcuts on it...

All these gadgets are found on photojojo.. They have a ton of other stuff to check out and lust over..these are just my favs :) Have a blessed week everyone <3

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