Thursday, November 11, 2010

blog it.

So...I finally gave into this blogging world. Why? I guess I was just curious, so I decided "hey, why not give it a try?" My plan was to begin blogging when I was officially "post-grad." You know when I had nothing better to do with my time but enjoy life outside of college. But...I still have about 6 more months to reach that chapter so I think of it as 6 more months of preparing for my post-grad blogging days. 

So 2010 has been a ridiculously awesome year (i'm kind of sad it's almost 2011), just flat out crazy awesome. First, Paul and I got married which was rad. 

then...we went honeymooning on the gorgeous islands of Maui + Kauai...

and then...if marriage was not a big enough jump for us...

we started a business!!!

WHEW!!! big year...but such a blessing as well. The first (almost) 5 months of marriage has seriously flown by and it has been so amazing to start 618{studios} with Paul. Seriously, having your husband as a business partner is a-mazing. More to come about 618 later..but I feel like I am already overwhelmed with just completing my first blog post..(sigh) Thanks for reading :) 

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