Thursday, November 11, 2010


If someone were to tell me a year ago that I would be a business owner...I probably would have laughed out loud. No joke. I have always been interested in filmmaking (hence the reason I am a film major) but I never thought about doing weddings. Let's be honest photographer = full time job. wedding videographer = something that jo-schmo does on the side just cuz he can press record on a video camera and throw some clips together in final cut pro. 

I recently started a conversation with a girl who was also a fellow film major who asked me, "why aren't you driven to work in Hollywood and become a big time filmmaker?" Well for one, Hollywood is not my cup of tea and two, I want to have a family of my own someday and we all know that Hollywood+family life would never happen. But I'm getting WAY ahead of myself with all this children talk..that is like 5 years from now. Anyways, so this is the story of how 618 began...

After editing a short trailer of our own wedding film, it started getting crazy feedback on Facebook. One person in particular who responded was our wedding photographer Colleen of Color me Rad...(I feel like if 618 makes it big as a wedding cinematography company a trophy should be devoted to her). For real, she has helped us so much with advice and allowing us to book our first wedding back in August 2010. 
Photo credit: Color me Rad

Now, let's keep in mind that over the summer while Paul and I were plotting this new business venture we were planning on this 2010-2011 year to be just a year of networking and growth. We were not planning on filming any we were wrong. Two weeks later we had booked another wedding, two weeks after that we were at another, and two weeks after that we found ourselves filming another wedding. For 10 weeks straight from August-October we were filming a wedding every other weekend! It was just so beyond us how our small business was taking off! Luckily I now have November to catch up on all this footage, whew. All in all, we are super blessed. So far our 2011 calendar has 9 weddings total lined up..some of these couples we are not even sure how they found us. Paul and I always say that it's God that sends them to us...and we are not joking, God is so good. Each day it is more and more apparent that this was part of His perfect plan. 

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