Monday, June 27, 2016

Mid-year update

What better time to write a quick update than mid way through 2016! And man do we have a lot to update on...I feel like I usually update first on all things work but let's start with travels this go around. We were pretty much home bodies during the winter until our first wedding of the year in March. We road tripped up to Sacramento & spent 4 days of there filming a business video and a wedding the following weekend (already getting into work, I can't help it!). While we were up there our close friends told us they were pregnant! We were shocked, as were they since this pregnancy was a complete surprise for them. They're expecting their first little one at the end of October & it's been exciting to see them prepping to become parents.

Next we traveled to Nashville (also for work) in April! I love that city. It's full of so much energy! Last time we were out there we enjoyed it with family & this time was a different experience because we explored totally different parts just the two of us. We were also lucky to spend the last 2 days of our trip with Paul's Aunt & Cousin who took us around the Franklin street fair (the cutest town ever) & back to the ranch where we road four-wheelers, met all of the animals out there & (Paul's favorite) target practice. That was probably my favorite day of the whole trip!

May was our busiest month of work this year, we shot 5 weddings! All local which was a nice change & now I'm playing catch up while editing them all (which I'm doing solo, more to come on why later). Things finally slowed down in June, I celebrated my 27th birthday & feel so old! Haha. 25 to 26 didn't feel like anything too major but man does 27 feel next level. We finally took a non-work related trip with a group out to Palm Springs for a combined weekend of celebrating and relaxing. We rented an amazing house & just enjoyed drinks by the pool, tanning & warm dinners out.

June also meant our anniversary! Paul and I enjoyed a low key evening together on the eve of our 6th anniversary. We rode bikes to Sidecar (our favorite local doughnut shop) & that was about it! This year we shot a wedding on our actual anniversary so we really couldn't do anything too crazy. And now we're prepping for our annual Montana trip! We're heading out on Thursday and making the two part trip, OC to Salt Lake on Thur and then Salt Lake to Hamilton on Friday. Because of how bookings worked out this year we won't be able to take the trip with the family who all go at the end of July, so this will be our first year going solo! Just like we did in Nashville, I know there are going to be so many new things we'll get to experience together in Montana this summer.

Ok, I'm going to stop here and work on a part II coming soon...


  1. I haven't been on blogger for a while, so haven't caught up with your blog so this is the perfect post for me to read! It sounds like you've had a very busy yet fun start of the year. Your little holidays with your husband sound wonderful and I'm sure you have memories of from them which you will treasure forever. I hope you had a good time in Montana too. It sounds like work is going well too, congrats on a great start of the year, I'm sure the next half will be just as good for you too and congratulations on your 6 year anniversary as well! XxxX

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