Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another (partial) Whole 30

I can't believe I'm doing it again! Yesterday I started my second Whole 30. This time it's only a partial one and I say that because I'm only going to be doing it for 18 days, until July 18th. The 18th is my friends rehearsal + dinner and I don't want to be the lame girl asking for celery sticks at the restaurant. And then the wedding is the following day and this girl wants to be able to have champagne.

After my first Whole 30, which was a wonderful experience I kind of fell off track with my vow to continue clean eating, plus with our move I went back to all my old bad habits.  Way too much fast food was consumed during that time too! I know it didn't ruin all my hard work because I've still kept a majority of the weight off but I've noticed that all my bloat came back and I'm just not feeling as great as I was. It's also partial because this time I'm not depriving myself of all legumes. So it will be mainly carbs, sugars, and dairy that I will be avoiding over the next 2.5 weeks. So here goes nothing (again)! I have a bridesmaid dress that I wanna try and rock!

My first day back looked like this…

3 eggs scrambled 
1 grapefruit 

2 eggs boiled
sliced turkey 

1 Lara bar (these are sooo good!)
1 cup of cashews 

1 grilled chicken breast
grilled veggies (spinach/tomatoes/onion)

And lots and lots of water! I'm always getting my recommended water intake while on the whole30 because it's pretty much the only thing I can drink. I once read that sometimes when your body feels hungry, it may just be telling you that it's craving water. I try and remember that as often as I can and first pour myself a large glass of water before going for the cheez-its when I'm feeling snacky!


  1. 18 days will definitely help you get back on track! I'm planning a Whole25 starting 7/7. I would totally do the 30, but I know we have a fishing trip (aka party on a boat) in August and I have no desire to be the sober sally who brings her own food haha. Good luck!

  2. oh boy, i've been meaning to do this but just can't pluck up the courage!

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