Wednesday, January 22, 2014

San Diego, glasses, and a little bit of thankfulness

Last weekend Paul and I were able to head down to San Diego for a quick trip. My mom is wanting to sell one of her horses so we came down mainly to help her out with that in making a sale video. It started out as a one night trip and turned into an extra night when Paul got talked into taking a last minute dental appointment and eye exam. He hadn't seen a dentist in almost 5 years! In addition to checking for cavities, Paul has also been noticing that his eyes get tired faster after looking at a computer or textbook for too long. It does seem like our job requires a lot out of ours eyes so it's not surprising that it's taken a toll on Paul's over the past 3 years. He went in for a quick exam and turns out he needs glasses! He's practically blind. No not really, nothing too intense, just a very small prescription and he just needs them when he's working on the computer for a long period of time. Husband, you're getting old, jk! Being a trendy guy, I feel like he is actually really excited about all of this. Tomorrow we are going shopping for the perfect frames, he's already made his mind up that they must be Ray Bans. Of course. I'm sure any of these below will end up being the ones.
Image via Pinterest
After this past weekend, I've been feeling so thankful on the flexibility of our job. A day trip down to San Diego can easily turn into a 3 day trip as long as I bring a laptop, external hard drive, and my beats headphones. So blessed by the ability to work from home, or any location that we need to call home temporarily. In other quick news, today was Paul's last first day of grad school! He was in such a good mood to go back knowing that he has almost reached the end. Very proud of him and his determination to reach this level of education. Come May we will be celebrating yet another graduation!


  1. Love the picture of the glasses. Very lucky to have flexibility in your careers

  2. I wouldn't expect anything else other than Ray Bans for Paul! That's like HIS pair of sunglasses it seems like! haha