Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pizza can make your day.

Life has felt slow the past couple weeks, we have no back log of projects to work on at the moment and Netflix has become my best friend. Specifically, Friday Night Lights marathons with myself. Yep, big things are happening in my world. Paul on the other hand is in his second week back at school and with classes only twice a week we still have plenty of time on our hands. Time that we have been spending on small adventures. Yesterday we headed to our bank which is off of PCH and instead of heading home right away we cruised the PCH looking for a fun place to grab lunch. We stumbled upon this empty hole in the wall Pizza shack, ordered two humungous (just look at those babies) slices of pepperoni pizza and people watched. Nothing special...but it was. Impromptu pizza lunches can really make your day sometimes. Hope you all have a great upcoming weekend! 


  1. Lucky I wish Time would slow down! But I'm doing the same, netflix dates with my baby boy lol.

    That pizza looks amazing!

  2. Whole in the wall pizza shops and people watching is definitely the best! That pizza looks like gigantic bliss. Love ;)
    xo TJ

  3. Totally back-stalking your blog, but I LOVE THIS PLACE! My friend and I always go here when we are in's our little secret place :) Glad someone else found it!

    1. Love it Lauren!! Let's meet up there sometime