Friday, January 25, 2013

It got me.

My bed, tea, baths, & Friday Night Lights marathons..these are a few of my favorite things when a cold has come to kick my butt. I also have the house to myself while Paul is off on a shoot.. aanndd I may or may not have promised him that the our place would be completely spotless when he comes home this afternoon. So far my piles of used tissues next to me say otherwise. Common immune system, let's kick this together & I'll treat you to some fro-yo later. Happy Friday all, have a great weekend & if you live in So Cal, stay dry!


  1. You are sick...yet you have a perfect sock bun. I hate you. And love you. All at the very same time.

  2. ahh it has gotten everyone! I just hope I don't get it for the second time! Feel better soon :)